Chapter 1. The Butter Mountain

Photo by Paul on Unsplash

If Kahinoor herself remembered anything of her history before her arrival at Ingleby, which was the name of her new abode, then she never gave the slightest sign of it. She did, however, clearly recall everything that had happened since, for cats have always had good memories and Kahinoor was a very special cat. She had, of course, been young then and foolish, not at all the dignified and wise creature that she was now. Those very first days had been quite eventful of themselves …

She climbed from the box as soon as the top was opened and searched about her for the familiar. From the smells and images around her she could tell that this was a new place with new servants. She knew that she belonged, however, for there was no other master in residence. She would have been able to tell at once. Straight away she decided that her first duty was to be kind to them. Her instincts told her that happy servants meant the most comfortable kind of life. She purred and arched her back and rubbed herself up against the softest of the two who also emitted similar purring and cooing sounds. Then, for good measure, she moved to the other, rougher one and did the same. Evidently they were well trained already because within minutes a saucer of milk appeared and she rewarded them by drinking some immediately although she would have preferred to wait until she had explored a bit more.