Chapter 1 part 2

Having drained the last drops she moved around the room to gain her bearings. It was quite large really and was evidently where they were in the habit of sitting while awaiting instructions. There were several comfortable bits though it was by no means clear which was likely to be the most comfortable as yet. Only experimentation would reveal that and there was plenty of time. In addition there were several useful dark hiding spaces and a large number of perches at varying heights, though some of them were annoyingly covered with plants. Some of those would have to go if she was to be comfortable. Time enough to train the servants however. She decided to test some of the comfortable places and sprang in two stages to the top of one of them then settled down to survey the scene.

This unsettled the humans who conversed animatedly. She presumed that it was something to do with her but because they didn’t speak in an intelligible fashion she ignored them. She knew instinctively that it would be futile to try to teach them to communicate properly and anyway it would be something of a mistake. They would only chatter on incessantly. Soon one of them came back with some soft material and put it into the bottom of the cardboard box that she had arrived in. Perhaps they were going to find it useful. She certainly didn’t begrudge it to them for she had quite finished with it. After all, good servants were hard to come by and it repaid a master to show tolerance. She looked the other way in case they were embarrassed at needing such a trivial item.