Chapter 1 part 3

Photo by kitsanoo on Unsplash

The next minute she realised that she had quite overestimated their intelligence, for she was lifted gently from her comfortable spot and placed back into the box. They obviously thought that she wanted to keep it. She was tolerant however and decided to demonstrate by example that they were wrong. She leapt out of the box and in the same two stages as before jumped to the spot which she had just vacated and settled down to sleep. Within ten seconds they had brought her down again and laid her down in the box: This was becoming quite unbearable. She leapt out once more and retired into one of the dark spaces from where they could be observed. She really didn’t know if she was going to have enough energy for all this. A sleep was called for or even a catnap (a sleep with one eye open). She settled down.

It was a dignified time later when she awoke to find that they were doing their best to amuse her. The rough one was sitting on a comfortable spot looking in the other direction and tapping what passed for his claws against the side closest to her. Obviously this was meant to mimic a bird in distress. She stalked carefully and then attacked, digging juvenile teeth and claws into the mock enemy. Almost instantly there was a cry of alarm and she was cart‑wheeled backwards as her target was swiftly withdrawn. A good game however. She retreated to the dark and waited for another go. It didn’t come. Instead a door was opened letting her see into an adjacent room. This was clean and shiny and a great deal smaller. She decided to stay where she was.