Chapter 1 part 4

The soft one and the rough one had decided that their new pet should spend the night in the kitchen. It was obviously overwrought from its experiences earlier in the day or it wouldn’t be showing such independent spirit. They didn’t know much about cats as yet, as we shall see. They spread newspapers on the floor in case of the obvious eventuality, and water and food in separate dishes on the side. Last of all they removed everything breakable to a safe place. Nearly last of all that was, for they hadn’t yet managed to secure Kahinoor.

She had been watching these preparations with great interest. It was obvious that all of the food and drink was meant for her and indeed the newspapers would be welcome to one of her fastidious nature. She wavered between greed, need and caution and surrendered to the former emotions. Trotting forward she availed herself of the facilities and quite forgot her surroundings. It was indeed some minutes before she realised that they had unintentionally shut her into this shiny room and away from all of her comfortable spots and high ledges. Also she did not want to be far away from them when they were so newly acquainted and there were so many things that she might want during the night.

She mewed. Firstly, in a puzzled way and then increasingly with a piteous note that turned into a keening sound of tremendous penetration. To a feline ear the sound said “How miserable I am that I am treated like this.” To a human ear it was irresistable. Only a few minutes had passed before the soft one was there to pick her and provide a soft, warm and comfortable spot for her to lie on. From time to time attempts were made to repeat the former error but simple repetition on Kahinoor’s part soon showed the futility of this. Eventually she was borne upwards to a place where the rough one was lying down. This was far superior! The whole room was full of comfortable places with a large warm one right in the centre. Best of all she was staying with her new friends (for one must not be unnecessarily aloof). She sprang to the centre of the soft place and settled down to sleep.