Chapter 1 part 6

Photo by Scott Webb on Unsplash

Soon it was time to go downstairs again and have something to eat. It took her some time to convince her new friends of this, however, for they seemed keen on having more sleep. This was clearly ridiculous because she was far younger than them and felt quite refreshed. At last, however, they seemed to have understood her and opened the door to go down.

It should be said that Kahinoor had not actually met a staircase before. If she had done so then she would have known that they can be taken at full speed, but only after a great deal of practice. It wasn’t that she missed the first step. Indeed she missed both that and the next two. It was rather that she caught the remaining ten, the first with her front paws, the next with her tail, the next with her bottom, and so on down to the floor. Here she rested with a look that was a mixture of surprise, shock and excitement. She examined all of her component parts carefully, licking her hairs back into place as she did so. No, no damage done.

She was just going to pick herself up when the soft one arrived making cooing sounds. She knew how to respond to that, so she whimpered slightly and lay down again. As expected, for the next ten minutes she was stroked and fussed over and all manner of interesting foods were put before her. At last, satiated with attention, she decided to end the game and go and explore the new garden. She trotted expectantly to the door and scratched to signal that she wanted it open.

The servants were unsure. If they let her out they thought that she might get lost or even run away. On the other hand, they would have to let her out at some time and she would probably slip out anyway the first time that they carelessly left a door ajar. Suddenly the soft one hit on an idea. She remembered being told that you should butter a cat’s paws when it came to a new house.Maybe it was so that dust from the house stuck to the paws and helped the cat remember what home smelt like. They decided that they would butter her paws straight away and not let her out until the following day.