Chapter 1 part 7

Photo by Biel Morro on Unsplash

When Kahinoor saw the soft one come with the butter dish she thought that they were probably trying to tempt her with a new treat. She really only wanted to go into the garden though, so she continued scratching. Suddenly she was lifted up and cradled upside down in the arms of the rough one in a most undignified manner. Then, to make matters even worse, the soft one started to smear her delicate feet with horrible, greasy butter. Didn’t they know the amount of trouble that she went to to keep herself spotlessly clean? Didn’t they appreciate why she spent hours of every day endlessly grooming herself?

She struggled as if for her life, twisting and turning this way and that. It was no use, however, for she felt the slippery substance work its way between each of her erstwhile pristine claws. “We had better keep her in the kitchen”, the soft one said. “Or she will make marks on the carpet”. The rough one agreed and went to put Kahinoor down on the kitchen tiles and then to close the door. Too slow, however, for as Kahinoor felt herself free she darted back through the rough one’s legs and looked round for a safe hiding place to escape to. Directly ahead of her she saw a dark and deep hole that appeared to offer the best retreat. She took an almightly leap and disappeared up the chimney.

Once inside she found herself on a long, flat shelf comfortably cushioned by half an inch of black soot. It was both agreeably warm and dark, but she didn’t go to sleep in case another attempt was made to smear her with butter. She settled down to wait, her eyes open just a slit, monitoring the light that came from down below, where the servants were stunned. It was early in the morning and they were both due to go to work before too long. Now they could hardly do that with Kahinoor up the chimney. Neither could they get dressed in their smart clothes until she was down. All in all they were in a dilemma. It might be said that they were not in a good mood and some cross words were exchanged. They had also had an hour less sleep than they had expected. Now they settled down to wait for Kahinoor to come down of her own accord.