Chapter 1 part 10

After the initial surprise of finding herself back in control, she twisted her body so that she was falling feet first. There was nothing on the sides of the chimney to reach out and hold, but she wasn’t worried. When she hit the higher of the two shelves she would be able to absorb the shock in her legs. There was a world of difference between tumbling haphazardly down onto a hard surface as opposed to executing a perfect landing, which she could now do. She looked down and prepared herself. Once she knew how she wanted to land it was as if time suddenly reverted back to its normal speed, and before she knew it she was down and safe.

Not wanting to stay in the chimney for a moment longer than necessary she jumped down to the lower shelf and then out onto the floor. Unsurprisingly she had brought a great deal of the black dust from the chimney down with her, and her first priority was to remove it from her eyes, her ears, and her coat. While she sat and groomed she thought about what had happened, in particular the way that time had suddenly almost stood still for her, just when she needed it to. She needed to get some advice about that but she hadn’t met anyone here yet to talk to. Obviously it wasn’t the kind of thing you could ask the servants about, but hopefully when she got into the garden there would be more intelligent help around.

Meanwhile the room around her didn’t look a great deal like the nice, clean room she had left. Where protective white sheets had been left on the floor and furniture there were now black pawprints, and even blacker patches where she had been laying. The worst bits were where she had rolled around to clean her coat and then got lost in the sheer ecstasy of the feeling. Still, at least most of the mess was on the sheets. Not that Kahinoor noticed, but it would certainly be of importance to the humans when they returned.

When she had finished grooming she examined herself and found she was near to being her normal colour apart from her feet. The butter from earlier had glued the soot between her toes and it was going to be difficult to get it off. Growing lonely, she scratched at both the doors to see if anyone was around to let her out, but of course no one was so she settled down to wait, while from time to time taking advantage of the water and food that had been left out for her that morning.